Infinity Gauntlet - Actuator Safety at an affordable price

Patented Solution to a severe industry problem

The INFINITY GAUNTLET is a Lloyd's Register Technically Qualified, World-wide patent protected para-aramid (such as KevlarTM or TwaronTM) shield for your degraded stored-energy assets. Designed to retain the spring force of a degraded actuator which subsequently fails while in service, non-operational or decommissioned, protecting people and equipment from not only an un-contained spring failure, but also the shrapnel that can result from the release.

The INFINITY GAUNTLET can be used for protecting the surrounding equipment and personnel whilst working on the actuator, decommissioning the actuator, and transporting the degraded actuator to the beach for recycling/re-use by Infinity.

DID YOU KNOW: Even a decommissioned valve-actuator can have active stored energy which can fail with tonnes of force. Infinity has a compiled a list of over 10 catastrophic failures in the UKCS alone over the last decade, leading to HSE advisories, near-misses, and an injury. Manufacturers state that up to 15Te of stored energy can remain in an actuator's spring which has been decommissioned but not dismantled.

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